History of Art 102

  1. Introduction
  2. Early 15th-Century Italy
  3. Renaissance Art in Later 15th-Century Italy
  4. Renaissance Art in Northern Europe in the 15th and Early 16th Centuries
  5. The High Renaissance in Florence and Rome
  6. High Renaissance in Rome and Venice
  7. The Renaissance in Venice
  8. "Mannerism," Northern Europe and Spain {16th C.}
  9. Patronage for Architecture in Rome
  10. Roman Baroque Painting and Sculpture
  11. Baroque Art in Flanders and Spain
  12. Dutch Baroque; Freedberg on Power of Images
  13. Baroque Art and Architecture in France and England
  14. Rococo: Baroque Architecture, German Architecture, & 18 C. French Painting
  15. Late 18th Century: Reform and Neoclassicism
  16. Early 19th Century Romanticism
  17. The 19th Century: Later Romanticism
  18. Realism: United States and France
  19. Realism to Impressionism
  20. Post Impressionism
  21. The New Architecture: Historicism to the Steel Cage
  22. Early 20th Century: Modernism and Primitivism
  23. Early 20th Century Modernism - II
  24. Dada & Surrealism
  25. Art & Architecture between the Wars
  26. Architecture Since 1945
  27. Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art
  28. Recent Art

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